As DWC Cosmetics, we dreamed and wanted that the dream should not be like anyone else’s, it should be original and make a difference. We wanted to formulate everything that makes us who we are and be able to become the smile on the lips, the shine on the cheeks, the sparkle on the eyes and the smell on the skin. We wanted the formulas we created to be the indispensable key to the beauty that women have dreamed of for centuries. In order to achieve this goal, it takes more than just imagination; to try, to work hard and want. We tried it many times, worked day and night, and we really wanted it.

As women who had memorized all the notes of the beauty industry and knew what to expect from a product, we knew what we didn’t want rather than what we wanted; we took this as a reference and produced our products with this in mind.

Our first goal was to make our formula unique. That’s why we designed completely different formulas that are unlike any other previously produced products. While creating these formulas, we had a must; they had to be healthy, persistent, exciting and different.

We have produced all our products based on this philosophy by trying many times and answering the question honestly; “If we used this product, how would we evaluate it?”. DWC Cosmetics has achieved a great deal of success throughout its entire journey. While working on projects in the near and long term, our goal is always to raise our success graphic.


No matter how good quality you dress or how much time you spend at the hairdresser, your scent always collects the points on your dates. We wanted you to collect all the points and we tried the nevertried before ... We wrote a formula for you and bottled it carefully.

It is great if you’re home when your period starts, but what if you have to be outside ... We understand best that you do not have time to change your pads frequently while you spend the whole day fighting with your pains in a hurry. And we offer you the pioneer product in the world, PUSSYBOX, which is nonsticky, long-lasting, alcohol-free and fragrant.


A First in the World

While women are exposed to the smell of their menstrual discharge that begin a few days before their menstrual period, the number of underwear changed during this period increases and daily pads are used one after another. While finding a solution to all these, it is much more difficult to find a solution to the odor in the genital area. In addition, since all perfumes, deodorants and similar products we use in daily life contain alcohol, it is very unfavorable to use on the genital area. The product to be used here must be a non-alcoholic, non-sticky, softtextured product. However, unfortunately, there was no such example in the world until PUSSYBOX was created

PUSSYBOX Not a Luxury, but a Necessity!

The first thought of every woman who cannot reach such a product is to postpone the date she will engage in an intercourse with her partner to another moment when she will feel more comfortable because she hesitates to get close with her partner. So, she delays the pleasure, suppresses her emotions and mutes her Libido.

Not Periodic, Permanent Happiness

Women also have to fight with different problems during their menstrual periods. In addition to the troublesome situation caused by the bleeding when that period begins, they are condemned to spend hours with the odor coming to their noses because they cannot change their pads any time they want for different reasons and they feel insecure, unhappy and uneasy.

Perfume of women who respect themselves and their partners, PUSSYBOX!

The DWC Cosmetics project PUSSYBOX was designed to be a solution to this problem that women could not talk about for centuries. Every detail, from the determination of its content to the creation of product performance, has been based on this mindset and all R&D studies have been focused on women. PUSSYBOX, the perfume of all women who care about themselves and respect their partners, will now allow you to heave a sigh of relief!

Welcome to PUSSYBOX’s Playground

PUSSYBOX is much more than a genital area perfume ...

Alcohol-free, Halal Certified

Since all the perfumes, deodorants, body mist and similar products we use in daily life contain alcohol in their formula, it is not possible for us to use them as genital area perfumes. As DWC Cosmetics, we prioritized your health while producing PUSSYBOX, which you can use in your genital area with its alcohol-free formula.

The Only Perfume Containing Probiotics in the World

The probiotic, which is vital for our immune and nervous system as well as the digestive system, was included in the formula of a perfume for the first time in the world.

Maintaining Your PH and Flora Balance

Your genital area has a sensitive nature. The healthy genital area contains a large amount of lactic acid suitable for the natural flora of the vagina, and thus the pH of the vagina is fixed between the acidic level of 3.8 and 4.5. PUSSYBOX does not disturb the PH and Flora balance of your genital area.

Non-Allergic Fragrance Essence

As the number of people allergic to scent has increased with an increasing momentum lately, it would not be possible to ignore this. You can comfortably use PUSSYBOX, which does not cause problems in your body with its non-allergic content.

Pussybox is dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

PUSSYBOX has successfully passed dermatological and microbiological tests, where we measure the tolerance of the product and the effects of infection.

It Will Fascinate You with Its Fragrance

You will know when you encounter the right fragrance. Powder scent is one of the rare scents that remind women of their femininity. You will feel the perfect transmission of natural beauty in the notes of PUSSYBOX, and you will fully inhale the smell of passion while experiencing the feeling of cleanliness and contentment.

Formulation and R&D Studies Belong to DWC Cosmetics

We knew we would create a formula from scratch when we rolled up our sleeves to create something that had never been tried before. What excited us most was creating a formula from scratch and successfully completing all R&D and product development studies for it

Nonstick Comfort

A genital area perfume should never cause a sticky discomfort, and should integrate with the skin within a few seconds after being used. PUSSYBOX is fixed in your genital area without causing any discomfort, providing comfort throughout the day.

Nebular Texture

You will feel the softness in seconds from the moment you use it and you will be amazed at its harmony with your skin.

With You All Day

Your self-confidence will increase with the perfect fragrance that lasts all day. Wherever you go, you will carry your comfort zone with you thanks to PUSSYBOX.

A Single Spray is Enough

With a single spray, you will have hours of effect.

Candida Albicans

As a result of various studies, its effectiveness on Candida Albicans mushroom, which is the biggest nightmare of women, has been successfully confirmed. It has been observed to inhibit these bacteria (Candida Albicans) by 99.9%. The probiotics in it increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the flora and reduce the number of harmful bacteria.